The NET Mentoring Group


The NET Mentoring Group

The NET Mentoring Group, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) based in Boston, MA whose purpose is to eradicate the academic opportunity and achievement gap, particularly in STEM areas. We hope to close the achievement gap by combating both the systematic issues and socio-environmental factors that contribute to it. The NET helps students craft their futures into STEM careers and more by providing a unique combination of STEM programming, mentoring, access to resources and tutoring.


Promote and build interest in STEM careers


Help students gain the necessary understanding of themselves and their lives to reach their boundless potential


Build continuity in students' lives by connecting them to great programs and resources in Boston that also focus on youth advancement




  •        Provide mentoring and guidance to students from young-adult role models whom they can relate to

  •         Help students build self-esteem, self-respect, accountability and social consciousness by discussing and evaluating their lives, communities and histories

  •      Lead students to build and realize their potential to attain academic, social and economic capital 

  •         Build student interest and ability in STEM through STEM programming, guest speakers and tutoring services

  •          Be a resource for parents and students in connecting them to community resources and organizations

  •      Heighten the effectiveness of community services/organizations by molding holistic solutions to community issues using their collective services